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University of the 3rd age

Craft and Stitch


The University of the Third Age Stitch and Craft

Interactive Washing Line Installation

How the ‘Washing Line’ Project Began

As part of the 1930s Mass Observation Initiative Humphrey Spender produced a unique archive of photos of life in Bolton between 1937 and 1938.  The U3A Stitch and Craft Group members browsed a selection of these photos and added memories of their family life when children, as little changed post war and into the ‘50s. One photo appealed to a number of group members, taken in the Vernon Street area of Bolton it illustrates the weekly wash hanging out to dry.

The washing line has now been re-imagined as a vehicle for showing original items donated by the group, their friends and family or  items handcrafted by group members.

We hope that the items shown will trigger memories for you, our visitors, to the Washing Line.

Watch the short film of the installation below.

The video below is a short description of the U3A Bolton Craft and Stitch group and an explanation of the groups Worktown project.

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